How to Graduate

How to Graduate

In order to graduate from the School of Biblical Evangelism, you must fulfill the graduation requirements as listed below. In this “final exam” your integrity before the Lord is being tested – in other words, we will take your word as to whether or not you have accomplished all of the requirements in order to graduate.

You must answer “yes” to all of the following questions, and each of these tasks must have been carried out since you started the school. All previous reading, listening, and witnessing will not be recognized.

(No whimpering – see Philippians 3:13.)

As you read down through the list, if there are some you cannot answer “yes” to, you should consider them “assignments.” Once you complete them, come back and fill in the form below. If you feel you have a special exemption to one of the requirements, tell us about it in the comment section.

(For example, one of the “Action Requirements” is that you witness to an unsaved family member. An example of an exemption would be, “I cannot witness to an unsaved family member, because all the members of both my nuclear and extended family are saved. I have, however, witnessed to more than one complete stranger.”)


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