Preacher’s Progress: Stan Doffish

Topic Progress:

I, Christian, am waiting at the bus stop when Stan Doffish approaches; apparently he too is waiting for the bus to arrive. My heart begins to pound, as I know this is my opportunity to witness to him. The bus is in sight; I have about two minutes until it picks him up. The dialogue begins with me starting in the natural and quickly swinging over to the spiritual.

Christian: “How’s it going?”

Stan Doffish: “Okay.”

Christian: “Nice day.”

Stan Doffish: “It’s all right.”

Christian: “Do you live around here?”

Stan Doffish: “No.”

Christian: “Did you get one of these?”

Stan Doffish: “No. What is it?”

Christian: “It’s a gospel tract. Do you have a Christian background?”

Stan Doffish: “Sort of. I went to church when I was a kid, but drifted away from it.”

Christian: “Do you know what it was that got me thinking seriously about the things of God?”

Stan Doffish: “No. What?”

Christian: “It was the Ten Commandments. Jesus said that if you as much as look at a woman with lust, you have committed adultery with her already in your heart.”

Stan Doffish: “Wow…”

Christian: “And that’s just one Commandment. It leaves us all guilty, huh?”

Stan Doffish: “Yeah.”

Christian: “So you’ve broken that Commandment too?”

Stan Doffish: “Many times.”

Christian: “God doesn’t want you to go to hell. That’s why you must repent and trust Jesus. He took the punishment for your sins on the cross. Do you have a Bible at home?”

Stan Doffish: “Yes, I do actually.”

Christian: “I encourage you to read it. Here comes your bus. Thanks for listening to me.”

Stan Doffish: “Thank you.”

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