Preacher’s Progress: Alec Tricity

Topic Progress:

Alec Tricity: “Wassup? Hey, Christian man, I don’t believe there’s any proof that Jesus is the Son of God.”

Christian: “Then who do you think He was?”

Alec Tricity: “He was just a man.”

Christian: “The Bible says that God became a Man in Jesus Christ.”

Alec Tricity: “Are you sure?”

Christian: “That’s what the Bible teaches. Here’s how you can know whether it’s true. I believed in Jesus before I became a Christian.”

Alec Tricity: “Huh?”

Christian: “True. Let me explain what I mean. A little kid was looking at an electric heater. His dad came in and said, ‘Son, that heater is hot. Don’t touch it.’ The kid said, ‘Okay. I believe that the heater is hot.’ At that point the kid believed the heater was hot. He had an intellectual assent. Do you see that?”

Alec Tricity: “I see what you’re saying.”

Christian: “His dad leaves the room. The kid says, ‘I wonder if it really is hot.’ So he reaches out and touches the heater. The second his flesh burns, he stops believing that the heater’s hot. He now…”

Alec Tricity: “… knows it’s hot!”

Christian: “Right. He’s moved out of the realm of belief and into the realm of experience. Know what I’m saying?”

Alec Tricity: “I know what you’re saying. He now knows!”

Christian: “Before I was born again, I believed in God and I believed that Jesus was the Son of God. But when I turned from my sin and called on the name of the Lord, I reached out and touched the heater bar of God’s love and forgiveness. I moved out of the realm of belief and into the realm of experience. I now know Him! Get it?”

Alec Tricity: “That’s cool. I see what you’re saying, man.”

Christian: “Look at this. It’s John 14:21 in the Bible. It says that if you obey the Lord, Jesus and His Father will reveal themselves to you. That’s either true or it isn’t. Let’s now look at the Ten Commandments for a moment. Okay?”

Alec Tricity: “Sure.”

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